SACS Document Management

  Electronic Document Storage - Simple to store, simple to find

    SACS Document Manager benefits include:
    • Automated archiving of 50058s, reports, and letters
    • Ability to attach files from computer
    • Scanning documents directly
    • E-mail documents
    • Enhanced documents security

    SACS Software proudly supports the "Go Green" initiative.


SACS recommends a dedicated 500 gigabyte to 1 terabyte drive to support the SACS Document Manager. These space requirements depend on the size and number of documents stored.

Depending on the amount of documents, an upgrade to SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard may be required. The SQL Express can be used, but has a 10 gigabyte storage limit.

Existing workstations require no upgrades, only access to a TWAIN compatible scanner or copy machine with built in scan to email functionality.



For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact our sales staff using our contact form, direct at (256) 397-1994, or toll free (888) 897-4012.